PVC infusion set

  • Vented infusion set (JS-SYQ-03)
Vented infusion set (JS-SYQ-03)

Vented infusion set (JS-SYQ-03)

  • vented spike
  • big chamber
  • with Y site
  • Luer Lock
  • Product description: Vented infusion set
Infusion sets are used for intravenous gravity infusion
. Different versions of infusion sets facilitate puncturing rubber stoppers on infusion bags or bottles
. The vent is equipped with a fluid filter and a convenient lid to reduce the risk of contamination. Transparent drip chamber with dropper enables controlled administration of medication
.Standard: calibrated to 20 drops= 1 ml±0.1 ml
.Micro: calibrated to 60 drops= 1 ml±0.1 ml
.Large roller clamp ensures easy operation and a precise flow rate
.Flow regulator is used for more accurate regulation of the flow rate
.Fluid filter (pore size: 15 μm) ensures a high flow rate and reliable solution filtration
.Transparent elastic infusion tubes are unbreakable and allow monitoring of the state of the infused solution
.Luer Slip or Luer Lock hub is suitable for use with injection needles, intravenous catheters and central venous catheters
.Triple bevelled injection needle guarantees painless venepuncture (infusion set can be supplied
with or without needle on request)

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